My October nutrition program was a “Conversation on Coffee and Cancer”. This year, a judge in California ruled that coffee vendors need to include cancer warnings on their products. Of course this put coffee drinkers in a frenzy, so of course I needed to set the record straight! I broke down the aspects of this decision and discussed the current research which shows that not only is coffee is safe to drink, but it also comes with cancer-fighting antioxidants. We also got to taste-test several different roasts thanks to Counterculture Culture Coffee and Melitta Coffee.

Wendy Kaplan, MS, RDN, CDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in oncology and weight management in Long Island and in the New York City area. Wendy is the Nutrition Program Director for Mondays at Racine Cancer Care Foundation, a 501c3. Connect with Wendy on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter and read more of her blog posts and download recipes at


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